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Self-threading Needles.

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We know how hard it would be to thread a needle, without asking any help from your daughter, granddaughter or anyone near you to help you thread your needle!

With our Self-threading Needles, all your hassles are gone forever! Just see how easy it is to thread our one-second needle,

  • Simply loop and run the thread along the side of the needle-like shown.
  • Drive the thread into the small gap in the eye of the needle. 
  • just in a second! ready for your DIY sewing or crafts projects.
  • No more frustration or wasting time to thread a needle. 
  • Perfectly easy to use for Adults and Kids alike.



  • Made of stainless steel material.
  • Multi-size Length (3.6cm, 3.8cm, 4.2cm)
  • Quantity 12 Pieces One-Second Needles.


  • Made of Wood.
  • Size 82mm x 18mm.
  • Color Brown.
  • Container not included in the purchase, unless ordered with the needle.

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