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Heavy Weight Stainless Steel Dinnerware

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Excellent set for a great price

We have been suffering with the same beat up old set of silverware for almost 20 years. We finally decided enough was enough and started shopping around for a new set. I am so glad we found these. The quality is excellent. They are heavy enough to let you know they are very solid and well made, but not too heavy or thick that it wears you out to use them. The finish is mirror bright and I love the style. I have friends whose silverware is so over the top - super ornate with way too much detail and spiral scrolly things. These are clean lines with just enough detail to give them the simple elegance we were looking for. I am looking forward to eating with these for the next 20 years!

K. Foster

Truly Impressive Flatware!

This is a gorgeous set of flatware... I'm SO impressed. These are weighty (but not too much) and absolutely perfectly balanced at the point you hold them. I don't believe I've ever had a better set! I did an Amazon search for " 18/10 stainless flatware heavyweight" and found these... I should add after looking at a bizillion sets. These are exactly what I wanted: 18/10, elegant- not overly fancy but beautifully simple, and with some weight. My intention is for this to be the last flatware I ever buy. I did get 2 sets for a service of 8. These are just beautiful and I'm so happy with this purchase!


Nice Weight, Durable, Beautiful Set!

I bought 2 sets of the Rialay International Silverware Set, Flatware Sets 20-Pieces Extra Thick, 18/10 Stainless Steel Tableware Cutlery Eating Utensil Set Service for 4. I am very happy! We went from a miss-matched set with varied quality so this was a very big improvement! I am very impressed with the weight and thickness of this set! I prefer my silverware a little on the heavier side vs light-weight. I look forward to many years of use with this silverware! Thank you for your service and quality!


Beautiful set!

Bought this for my mother. Absolutely beautiful and she feels they are of great quality.

Cynthia Nemoto

Better than I expected

Very nice weight excellent finish fits in hand nicely. Great product

Big Z

High quality product

High quality feels durable not light. Bright shiny durable finish. Looks great after multiple dish washer cycles

Tony G